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Our team Sport equipment and accessories equity investments
We are a strong, complementary team of investment professionals with industry expertise and investment experience.
Investment Staff
Andrew Richards
Managing Director

Mark Poff
Managing Director

C. Morris Stout
Managing Director

Corby Reese
Managing Director

Robert DesMarais
Managing Director

Heather Smith Thorne
Managing Director

Dan Swander
Operating Partner

Valerie Scott

Tyler Matlock
Vice President

Alina C. DiMeglio
Vice President

Alex Litt
Vice President

Reeve Waud, Jr.

Tara Hyland

Finance and Administration
Heather Fraser
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

Michael Macias

Jennifer Chua
Staff Accountant

Donna Valcarcel
Office Manager/
Human Resources

Amparo Calderon
Office Manager
Marketing Coordinator

Sofia Kolidas
Executive Assistant

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