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Portfolio List

Voortman Cookies is a leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty cookies and wafers under the Voortman brand to retail customers throughout North America.


Recochem, Inc. is a leading global producer, formulator, packager and wholesale distributor of household chemical products and automotive fluids.


Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd. is the leading organic and fair-trade certified coffee roaster in Canada.


Lavo, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly laundry detergent and household spray cleaners in Canada.


Wholesome Pet Care manufactures and markets high-quality complete dog and cat food and treats through Cambrian Pet Foods and Pointer Pet Products.


Frozen Specialties, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of private label frozen pizzas and pizza bites.


Renew Life Formulas, Inc. is the #1 brand of probiotics and the #1 brand of cleansing products in the natural channel.


Applegate is the #1 brand of organic and all-natural deli meats, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, breaded chicken, and pre-sliced cheese.


Merrick Pet Care, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer and marketer of super premium dry and wet pet foods and treats.


Eagle Pack Pet Foods is a leading producer of super premium, natural dog and cat food sold primarily in the independent, specialty pet store channel.


Pineridge Bakery is the leading Canadian niche bakery, manufacturing and marketing frozen and fresh specialty baked goods.


Liberte Brand Products is the leading Canadian producer and distributor of natural and organic yogurts and other cultured dairy products.


Insight Pharmaceuticals Corporation markets a portfolio of leading niche over-the-counter brands including Anacin, Dermarest, e.p.t., Gentle Naturals.


Prestige Brands, Inc. is engaged in marketing, sales and distribution in the over-the-counter drugs, household cleaning and personal care products.


Gilchrist & Soames, Inc. is the leading supplier of branded luxury personal care products to the hospitality market.


Nonni’s Food Company is the largest premium baked goods company in the country. .


Reef Holdings markets the number one brand of footwear in the specialty surf market.


Totes Isotoner is a leading designer, wholesaler, distributor, and retailer of branded accessories for the cold and wet weather markets.


Santa Cruz Nutritionals is a leading manufacturer of enhanced confectionary delivery systems for the functional food and supplement market.


International Fiber is one of the world's leading producers of powdered cellulose and fiber filler products used for food and industrial applications.


Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company is the largest industrial vinegar manufacturer in North America, with over 50% of the U.S. industrial vinegar market.


Ideal Snacks is the largest North American producer and supplier of pellet-based puffed and baked snacks.


S.T. Specialty Foods manufactures and markets private label and store branded dinners.


Good Source Solutions is the leading provider of foodservice closeout products to niche and special application markets.